IT To Improve Your Business

Information Technology can empower your business with more efficient and effective means to reach, engage and serve your clients – potentially at a lower cost than your current provision.

By applying your business knowledge with Synium’s IT expertise, we can unlock solutions to boost your capabilities and enhance the efficiency of key business processes.

We’ve developed a particular reputation for the rapid and cost-effective development of solutions by seamlessly integrating many ready-made or “off the shelf” technologies.


An engineering client’s deployment of an interactive video link for support technicians located across the globe has greatly increased the efficiency of diagnostic and repair tasks, as well as reducing air travel and accommodation costs.


When presented with a £40,000 estimate to install a dedicated ‘leased line’ for a rural client’s mission critical internet connection, the Synium team instead oversaw the installation of additional standard broadband lines that were bonded together with a special router device – solving reliability and connection speed problems for a fraction of the cost.

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