7 things to reduce your exposure to cyber attack

By • November 30th 2015

The 7 steps below are really the bare minimum all businesses should implement to ensure they reduce their exposure to cyber attacks. It is no longer enough to simply hope you remain safe. The risks can come from external attack, from emails received, and from user error – all of which pose significant threat to your business and your data.

The steps below; coupled with a robust data backup policy (backing your data locally – and off site) really is imperative.

Firewall and Web Filtering
By replacing your basic internet router with one which has firewall capabilities, and configuring it to block all but essential services you will greatly reduce the amount of malicious network traffic to reach your network. This coupled with Web filtering will ensure inappropriate and dangerous websites are not visited.

Malware and Virus Protection
This allows your computers to maintain defenses against known vulnerabilities – it is critical these are kept up to date – and it is recommended they be monitored 24/7.

Patch Management
Regular and frequent ‘patching’ of your software is crucial to keeping up with known vulnerabilities, which are inevitable.

Do not use Admin accounts
This one is absolutely crucial – you should never login to your PC with an Admin account. Any vulnerability will have full control over the PC, and be able to execute code, run applications, or potentially access other systems. Using an account with lower privileges, and then entering the Admin account when needed is a much safer practice.

Secure configuration
Restrict the functionality of every PC; the Operating Systems; and all other devices; to just allow the required functionality to allow the business to function.

Have a password policy
Enforcing frequent password changes, and avoiding simple passwords (which are easy to crack), is important. Every business would benefit from a Security Policy which helps staff understand the importance of this (and all other points on this list)

White-listing and Execution Control
Prevent unknown software from being able to run or install itself.


Being Cyber Essentials accredited, Synium are skilled to help you and your business implement the security needed to greatly reduce the risk. Connect with us now to find out how we can help improve your businesses security.

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