A day in the life of a Synium IT apprentice.

By • October 2nd 2017


A growing roster of clients and services has seen us Synium Ltd expand both our headquarters and IT apprenticeship training programme – but what’s it really like to be an IT apprentice at Synium. Here you can read a day in the life of our apprentice Simon, who joined us on the 3rd January 2017.


7:45-8:15 – Quiet train journey to Henley-in-Arden, perks of the summer holiday. It gives me 20 minutes to sit down and read, flicking through some work emails – there’s few jobs to follow up from the previous day. Getting off the train at Henley, it only takes a few minutes to walk to the office, arriving a few minutes before I’m due to start, giving me just enough time to put a pot of coffee on.

8:15-9:00 – The quietest part of the day allows for a quick briefing session with the team. I then get on with some routine tasks – checking the status of client internet connections, checking for any issues the monitoring dashboard has flagged up with any computers and replying to any emails I received after leaving the previous day.

9:00-10:00 – First few client calls start coming in. The first call is an account password reset request for a client who’d been on holiday. Have a quick chat whilst I reset it, jealous of the sun, sea and sand they’d had the previous week!

10:00-10:30 – Normally one of the busier parts of the day, as most clients are in work now. I call a client to follow up from a printer issue they’d been having the previous day. They confirm it’s now working properly, as they’d left before I’d fixed it the previous day.

10:30-12:00 – An alert appears on the network monitoring software, telling us one of our clients had lost their internet connection. I called to go through a few initial solutions, but it didn’t solve the issue. On their behalf, I spoke to the internet provider – they said they’d get back to me, so I relayed this to the client. I also suggest a temporary workaround using their smartphones as wifi hotspots so they can access vital business emails in the meantime.

A laptop we ordered the previous day for a client arrives, so I unbox it and get it set up on my desk to configure it for them. I set it up using our checklist, to make sure it’s set up properly for the individual client it is going to.

12:00–12:30 – Lunch break. Time to stretch my legs, get some fresh air, and grab some lunch. Go and sit on the same bench as always on the high street, and take the chance to relax for a bit before heading back to the office.

12:30-13:30 – Call back from telecommunications company, updating on progress. Passed on to the client, including time it would take to sort out.

13:30-14:30 – Worked on some apprenticeship work. Updated part of my ongoing portfolio, covering certain aspects of my current work, how I deal with client queries, and processes in place to do so. Helps to look back and improve areas of how I do my job, improves support I can offer.

14:30-15:30 – Reviewing the PC health system monitor, as a follow up to issues flagged up in the morning, and to pick up on any newer ones. Flagged a full hard drive, an issue that is common with certain operating systems. Spoke to the client, and looked at the PC. Using a piece of software, I scanned the disk to determine where the space was taken up. This allowed me to locate the issue, and clear the space taken up.

15:30-16:30 – Final hour of the day, mostly wrapping up jobs from the day, making sure everything is logged. Call back a few clients to either confirm things are completed, or to organise a time for the following day to finish. Do my final checks for the client network monitoring and the backup jobs, to pick up any issues to follow up the following day.


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