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By • August 29th 2015

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Sharepoint








Office 365 logo1. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 – Finally Microsoft have got this right… so right !  50 GB mailbox, shared calendars; Outlook integration; easy to access via phone – and iPad; integrated SharePoint intranet (see no.2); Lync for instant messaging and video conferencing; brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

And free for Cloud Partners such as Synium… and free for Education.  We predict this to be Microsoft’s best product ever.


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SharePoint – OK – this is actually part of Office 365, so should be in no.1 – but it is so good it deserves a mention of it’s own.  Sharepoint is a superb intranet system. Allowing businesses such as ours to have shared access to resources – documents; contacts; folders – all with specific permissions set to grant or deny access appropriately.  For businesses and for education, this is a wonderful solution to allow collaborative working – to allow for version control on documents – to allow access to resources from outside the organisation – empowering staff to work where they need to. It is ACE



Dropbox – One of our old favourites. Dropbox allows you to have a local copy of all your files and folders – and it syncs’ with the ‘cloud’ – and with other PCs (or Macs). It also syncs with iPads and phones – meaning we can access all our documents wherever we are. It really is a superb and very slick product – and is FREE




 Evernote – Again, a classic.  We have been using Evernote as our brain dump application.  Anything we need to remember goes in here. It is a note taking tool – but that just does not do it justice.  You can store photos, hand written notes, typed info, and it tags it and stores it for easy retrieval.  We now have thousands of notes in there – all available at the press of a few keys.  Available on a PC, on a Mac, on the iPad – from any internet browser. Awesome.




Asana – Task Management at a new level.  I have been a real advocate of efficency and productivity over the years, and have probably tried every task management tool going – but this has to be the best – certainly the best I’ve tried.  Developed by guys from Facebook – it has a superb interface, and some great integration.  Really keeps you on top of projects and individual tasks – as well as allowing team collaboration on tasks.




Harvest – Less sexy – but still very cool. This is a time management application – it records time spent working on specific customers projects. It also allows you to accurately track your time. Cool, free, and very easy to use, with loads of great features and inbuilt invoicing if you need.




These are our Top 7 Business Applications … what others do you use ?

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These are our Top 7 … what others do you use ?

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