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By • July 19th 2017


As with Olympic cycling; when it comes to Internet speed;

Faster is Better !

Internet connectivity has become a true business critical service.  With so many businesses using a range of cloud services these days (eg Office 365;  Dropbox for file storage;  or online software apps like Sage) – Business broadband has become as crucial as telephones and electricity.

With the growing importance has come the need to have faster and more reliabe services.  Standard broadband is OK for small businesses with moderate use (as long as they are not too far from the exchange – as speeds decrease over distance) – however, more and more businesses are requiring the higher speeds that fibre broadband (or FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet) gives them.

BT have been (and are continuing to) upgrade the country on an exchange by exchange basis, and whilst they are behind schedule, they have made good progress for business broadband users in Birmingham and the Midlands.

However, the message is not always getting to businesses in Birmingham that their exchange has been upgraded, and they can now get these new faster speed connections.

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