My Cool Desk

By • February 7th 2018

We love our new office. We moved in back in August last year, and it has made a huge difference. We have a great meeting room – with sofas (and xBox) – which is also a great place to relax and have lunch. Several of us have standing desks which enables us to move whilst

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Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

By • January 26th 2018

Every year we run ask our customers to rate our IT Support services – and every year we are really pleased with the responses we receive. We really love what we do, and to know we are providing a quality service is extremely satisfying. This year we had an overwhelming response, so thank you to

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A day in the life of a Synium IT apprentice.

By • October 2nd 2017

  A growing roster of clients and services has seen us Synium Ltd expand both our headquarters and IT apprenticeship training programme – but what’s it really like to be an IT apprentice at Synium. Here you can read a day in the life of our apprentice Simon, who joined us on the 3rd January

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A Buyer’s Guide: IT Support for Business

By • October 2nd 2017

In house or outsourced IT support? – A difficult decision and one you need to get right if you are to get the most from your IT Investment. Our Buyers’ Guide is aimed at small to medium sized businesses who use in-house staff to deal with IT issues but are looking to outsource their IT

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How to choose a secure password….and one you will remember

By • September 7th 2017

  We’ve all been there, on line trying to make a purchase, obtain information or login to email and asked to create an account/update password before you are able to go any further.  No problem until it asks you to create a password! We all need to do our bit to reduce cybercrime and we

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Watch out for dodgy emails

By • September 1st 2017

Be careful with emails like this one  – they look so genuine on first glance. But it is highly likely the zip file attachment contains a virus. Always be very careful with emails from unknown sources. Whilst they look genuine, they can cause a whole heap of pain for you. Most emails of these types

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How IT can boost business capabilities and reduce costs

By • August 7th 2017

Global Customer Support Case Study If Information Technology is only considered as a workhorse of business administration, you could be missing its potential to revolutionise your capabilities. IT can empower your business with more efficient and effective means to reach, engage and serve your clients – potentially at a lower cost than your current provision.

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How IT can help an SME operate in a PLC supply chain

By • August 3rd 2017

Bryans Salads Ltd Case Study Investing in great products and fulfilment capabilities can help you to win major customers, but if your IT systems aren’t robust enough to cope with your newfound administrative workload, any system downtime could see you lose orders and ultimately those hard-won customers. Lancashire-based Bryan’s Salads Ltd is a family business

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Client Satisfaction Survey results 2016

By • July 19th 2017

Each year we ask our clients for feedback on the service we provide for them and their staff.  Each year (so far) we have been very lucky to have some fantastic responses, and great feedback.  Maybe it’s the offer of a bottle of champagne in the prize draw – but we like to think these are

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Be More Productive with Multiple Screens

By • July 19th 2017

Adding a second screen is a really simple and cheap way to significantly increase your productivity. It’s very rare these days that we work with just one application open – yet we often lack the ability to view more than one application at the same time, Dual Monitors are a real boost to productivity. Having

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