Data backup – crucial to business

By • September 24th 2015


Cloud backups / Online backups / Off-site backups / Data backups…  whatever you wish to call them, these type of backups are crucial to businesses.

Having a backup locally (ie within the organisation) is great – but it doesn’t guard against real disaster:  fire, flood, theft.  Data really needs to be backed up off site – and ideally backed up daily.

The ability to be able to recover after any type of disaster is critical – but is also one most overlooked by organisations. We, at Synium, have been looking after data (for both ourselves, and our clients)  for many years – and (luckily) have not experienced too many ‘disaster’ situations. But – we have always had solutions in place to ensure our ability to recover with minimal impact on the organisation.

With the growing prevalence of data centres and the relatively low cost of storage space; the ability to backup to the ‘cloud’ is becoming more and more popular – and with good reason.

We have several clients who now use our Secure Offsite  Backup solution – backing up their critical business data to off-site, online storage… daily and automatically.  A small piece of software sits on the server and manages the daily backup of any new data to the Synium data centre.

This is now a really attractive solution – with the service costing as little as just 75p per GB per month… a great price for complete peace of mind where your data is concerned.

If you would like to learn more about how to backing up your business critical data just get in touch with us.

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