Data Backup – avoid the risk of losing your data on your computers

By • September 3rd 2015

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Data Backups – Avoid the RISK of losing your data on your computers


In a DTI/PriceWaterhouseCooper audit, it was identified that 70% of businesses who lose critical data are out of business within a year. What an horrendous thought ! All your hardwork undone because the data backups hadn’t been strong enough to recover from.

There are many causes of data loss – from the obvious virus attacks, hardware failure, to human error. It can affect single files – or your entire data. If you had a hardware failure on your main business file server, all your data could be lost.

Avoid the risk of losing data on your computer

Many companies rely on a member of staff to ‘change the tapes’ or swap the external hard disks over on a daily basis – and occasionally, this gets forgotten.

However – there is a now a much better solution. Whilst we still recommend companies have an on-premise solution, by implementing a local and inexpensive NAS (Network Attached Storage) to backup locally, we also recommend a Secure Offsite Backup solution. With the advances of Cloud computing, and the falling cost of storage, it is now easy to automate your backups to an offsite secure storage system for a very low cost. Monitored daily to ensure success, businesses can now be sure their data is backed up, and remove the worry.

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