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By • March 4th 2016

Electric van supports Midlands Business

Synium Electric Van – and update

It has now been 4 months since we took delivery of our new electric van, and we are loving it.

It is different from a normal van (obviously) – you can’t just pull into a petrol station to refuel. So, you have to give it some thought to pre-plan our journeys. Most of the time, it is charged at the office where we have a charge point (installed as part of the funding project). It charges really quickly – about 2-3 hours for a full charge from empty. A full charge gives us a range of around 90 miles, depending on how it is driven. Stu seems to be the master at getting the most from it – he has even been able to make to a customer in Northampton and back on a single charge.

A full charge costs us about £2.50 – so is much cheaper than a diesel vehicle. It is also much cleaner on the environment – and whilst none of us here a particularly ‘Green-minded’ it is rather satisfying knowing we are being ‘good’.

I am not sure if we would have gone Electric had it not been for the funding we received from the ‘Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicles’ project – probably because we just wouldn’t have considered it. However, now that we have, we don’t regret it at all. And whilst it is still not suitable to get to some of our clients further afield, it is certainly brilliant for visits to our Midlands based customers.

It is certain that as technology improves, these electric vehicles will become more and more popular.

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