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By • July 19th 2017

Email Archive


Your business needs and no doubt has email security. However, a significant number of businesses are unaware of the need and benefits of Email Archive Solutions.

There is a common misconception that email archive and backup are similar or identical – and only one is required.

An email backup is a point-in-time snapshot.  An email archive is a protected record of all email communications over a period of time, together with rules governing how long those records are kept, and search capabilities to locate one or more messages. The solutions are complementary.


An Email Archive Solution will help your business:

  • Comply with a growing litany of regulations that require retention of electronic communications
  • Offload storage requirements for your  mail server and speed up system performance
  • Have a verifiable record of emails in the event of any disputes or litigation – backups alone won’t help
  • Protect the enormous amount of intellectual property contained in your businesses historical email

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