Free IT Security Review for Midlands’ Businesses

By • March 4th 2016

IT Security - Free Review

Are you concerned that your Business’ IT is not as secure as it could be ?

Are you worried that a cyber attack could lose your business’ data ?

There has been a definite increase in cyber attacks on small businesses in recent months. Here at Synium we have had several customers who have been the victim of security attacks recently. Thankfully, they had measures in place to mitigate the impact of these attacks – meaning the consequences were nowhere near the disaster they could have been.

Because of this, we would like to offer your business a FREE review of your IT security. This is completely free, it is a genuine offer, and not a sales push – we would like to help you and your business to be as safe as it possibly can. Hopefully we can make some recommendations for you to consider – to help protect your business.

The areas we would review would cover the main things businesses should be doing to be as safe as they can:

1. Ensuring they have robust Anti Virus software in place (and it is up to date).

2. Ensuring they have a good Firewall (normally within the Internet router).

3. Ensuring no users are using PCs as Administrator accounts.

4. Ensuring Microsoft Windows Updates are carried our frequently.

5. Ensuring there is a robust data backup procedure in place.

This review would be face to face, and would not take more than an hour of your time. Please give us a call 0121 663 0203 to hear more about our Free IT Security Review for Midlands’ Businesses

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