How to choose a strong, secure and memorable password

By • October 27th 2014

Secure Passwords

SplashData, a leading provider of password management solutions, has put together a list of the worst passwords.

The list was compiled by analysing millions of compromised passwords that were posted online by hackers, and identifying the most common. It contains few surprises, but certainly underlines the need for using more complex passwords to make secure our online accounts.

                      password                       monkey
                         123456                       letmein
                     12345678                       dragon
                         abc123                       111111
                          qwerty                       baseball


The strongest passwords are as long as possible and use upper and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.  Here at Synium IT we recommend to our customers they choose a favourite song lyric they will remember, take the first letters and then substitute in symbols and numbers where they’re easy to remember.

For instance, the Beatles classic song ‘Let it Be’ and the first line “When I  find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me” becomes…….

W 1 f m 1 t o t $ £ c t M – instead of using the letter I we have used number 1 and used special characters  to  replace MM (Mother Mary).

Here is a selection of special characters we recommend to be used when formulating a secure password.

?    Question Mark ^    Circumflex
,     Comma ]     Right Square Bracket
@   Commercial at +    Plus sign
    Exclamation Mark |    Vertical line
.      Full stop _    Underscore
#     Hash mark    Left curly bracket
[      Left square bracket *    Asterisk
  Dollar sign : -   Colon
  Forward slash   Right curly bracket




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