IT Support Case Study – Bryans Salads LTd

By • April 20th 2016

Bryans Salads

Bryans Salads Case Study

The ‘Before’ Situation

Bryans Salads are one of the largest established independent growers and suppliers of lettuce and salads in the North West, supplying many well-known supermarkets in the UK.  Their vast Lancashire-based production facility is equipped with state of the art machinery and is housed in a temperature-controlled environment.  This is to ensure they can meet the high demand for their products whilst maintaining the quality they are known for.

Due to winning some large supermarket contracts, Bryans have recently experienced rapid growth and are expecting this growth to continue at a significant pace.  As a consequence, they needed to review their IT to ensure it could support this growth.  Before we met Bryans they had no server on site.  This meant all their critical data was stored on individual PC’s, and although the quality of the PC’s themselves were of a good standard the risk of losing the data was high and the sharing of data across the business was difficult and inefficient.  This also had implications from a compliance perspective.

Their business critical stock control software, called FreshMetrics, was running on old hardware which meant that performance was poor and business operations were slower as a result.

For email they were using several basic hosted systems.  Again this was inefficient and had little capability to scale out the services now they had started to grow quickly.

In order for Bryans’ growth to go as smooth as possible they were keen to have IT support to call upon going forward.

The ‘After’ Situation

In order to protect the business’ data and to provide a secure and easy way for all staff to access shared documents a new server was installed.  Alongside this, super-fast backup services were configured so Bryans’ critical data was not only backed up to on-site storage for quick retrieval but also backed up to off-site datacentres so the data could be retrieved even if disaster strikes, such as a fire or flood.  Several new PC’s were also installed to improve productivity and facilitate growth.

The stock control software was installed on to new hardware, significantly improving business operations.

To provide a professional, scalable solution for their email we consolidated Bryans’ current email systems to Microsoft Office 365.  They now have a single email system and can take advantage of beneficial features such as shared mailboxes and calendars as well as 50GB mailboxes.

IT support, 24 x 7 Remote Monitoring and Antivirus Software

With the introduction of the new IT systems, professional and proactive IT support was essential to ensure any technical issues were dealt with quickly, before they had an impact on business operations.

As part of the IT support, Synium monitor all PCs 24/7 which involves carrying out daily health checks, checking backups, checking antivirus software is up to date, making sure there is adequate disk space and all systems are healthy.  This proactive approach greatly reduces the risk of IT problems affecting their business.  If things do go awry they are usually detected by the Synium team before any disruption takes place.  We then alert Bryans to the issue and get on with the job of resolving it for them.

At Synium we always focus on security, so much so that we included our managed antivirus software in Bryans support agreement.  This ensures their IT is well-protected against the endless amount of viruses and malware around today.

A full-time helpdesk is provided for staff to log any IT issues – along with a 24/7 online portal for staff to log or track any calls.  We also have the ability to securely connect to employees’ PCs remotely and are therefore able to assist with problems with lightning-quick speed and liaise with software suppliers Freshmetrics and Sage.

Bryans Salads now have peace of mind knowing all their IT systems are being proactively monitored and if something does go wrong our response times and remote access, ensure issues are resolved as soon as possible.  We are also on hand for any advice and have regular meetings to help develop future requirements.


“We have had a very positive experience working with Synium IT, right from the start they understood our business needs and continue to do so during our period of rapid growth and expansion.  Since using Synium their pro-active approach means we have no downtime and any  IT issues that do arise are dealt with a lightning quick speed.””

 Joe Bryan
Sales Director
Bryans Salads


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