IT Support Case Study – Redditch Friends

By • November 18th 2015

IT Support Redditch

Redditch Friends Housing Association Case Study

The ‘Before’ Situation

Redditch Friends is a community-based Quaker housing association, established in 1973 and initially set up to address the needs of single parent families.  Before partnering with Synium they had no IT support and dealt with everything themselves in-house.

In order to improve their business processes they wanted to purchase a new data management system for rent collection and housing management functions and needed help to assess whether their IT equipment was able to run the software adequately.  They also needed professional help to call upon going forward, as they had been struggling with IT issues in recent months.

The ‘After’ Situation

We spoke with the software provider on Redditch Friends’ behalf and were able to confirm that existing systems were more than adequate to run the software.  We were also happy to assist with accessing the software from external locations – as this wasn’t covered by the provider’s support.

IT support, 24 x 7 Remote Monitoring and Antivirus Software

The Association has grown rapidly, and Redditch Friends realised they needed professional and expert IT help to support their existing equipment, as well as helping them develop future requirements.

As part of the IT support agreement,  Synium monitor all PCs 24/7 which involves carrying out daily health checks, checking backups, checking antivirus software is up to date, making sure there is adequate disk space and systems are healthy.  This proactive approach greatly reduces the risk of IT problems affecting their business.  If things do go awry they are usually detected by the Synium team before any disruption takes place.  We then alert Redditch Friends to the issue and get on with the job of resolving it.

At Synium we always focus on security, so much so that we have included our managed antivirus software in the Association’s support contract.  This ensures their IT is well-protected against the endless amount of viruses and malware around today.

A full-time helpdesk is provided for staff to log any IT issues – along with a 24/7 online portal for staff to log or track any calls.  We also have the ability to securely connect to employees’ PCs remotely and are therefore able to assist with problems with lightning-quick speed.

Redditch Friends now have peace of mind knowing all their IT systems are being proactively monitored and if something does go wrong our response times and remote access, ensure issues are resolved as soon as possible.


“Having robust and accessible IT support has given the staff and the Board of Management peace of mind that everything is in place to ensure all our information is protected and our systems are sound.  It is so important to ensure that IT equipment, systems and information are adequately protected.  The support staff are excellent and we would be happy to recommend Synium to any organisation but particularly to one of a similar size to ourselves.”


Jill Davies CIHCM
Managing Director
Redditch Friends Housing Association

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