Managed Online Backup – be prepared for the unexpected

By • May 28th 2015

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your business is safe because you have security software.  Software is only one element of your security strategy. It can’t protect you from natural disasters malicious actions by your staff, human error, equipment failure or theft.


Security software is not infallible – once you have it, the chances of you suffering a malware infection are vastly reduced. But as it’s still possible for malware to slip onto your systems, you must remain vigilant and be prepared for the unexpected.

How would your business cope with unforeseen disaster? Have you thought about how this would affect your business and to remain compliant with data protection?

The ability to be able to recover after any type of disaster is critical – but is also one most overlooked by organisations. With the growing popularity of data centres and the low cost of storage space; the ability to backup to the ‘cloud’ is becoming more popular – and with good reason.   Backing up to the cloud is often known as Managed Online backup, it will protect your business critical data and will provide you with:

  • Ultra secure automated daily backup service
  • Quick flexible access to data when you need it
  • Scalable solution that grows as your business grows
  • No hardware, therefore low maintenance


We have several clients who now use our Managed OnLine Backup solution – backing up their critical business data to off-site, online storage… daily and automatically.  A small piece of software sits on the server and manages the daily backup of any new data to the data centre.

Managed OnLine Backup is a really attractive solution – with the service costing as little as just 75p per GB per month… a great price for complete peace of mind where your data is concerned



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