Microsoft Office 365 Case Study – Envirocare Midlands Ltd

By • November 18th 2015

Microsoft Office 365

Envirocare Case Study


Envirocare Midlands Ltd is a business specialising in asbestos services.

They came to us for advice on how they could improve their IT provision and more effectively access and protect their critical files and email.  Envirocare also wanted to improve the performance of their systems and bring their software up-to-date as they were running aging systems (Windows XP and Office 2003) that would not be supported by Microsoft in the near future.  On top of all this Envirocare wanted a reliable, proactive support contract to help when things went wrong.

Implemented Solutions

Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365

Implementation of Microsoft Office 365 removed the need for an on-site email server so Envirocare no longer need to worry about a server to run their email or the risk of it being stolen or damaged.  Office 365 also provides other great features such as :

  • a 50GB mailbox – larger than most users will ever need
  • access to the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite (5 copies per user)
  • access to critical data, email and calendars from anywhere (including tablets and smartphones) for their staff
  • ‘web app’ versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook so documents/emails can be viewed and updated from a browser
  • Skydrive – provides data storage in the cloud
  • Sharepoint intranet – superb for sharing documents and collaborating on projects

IT support and 24 x 7 remote monitoring

With our specialised 24×7 remote monitoring system, Envirocare no longer have to worry about whether their on-site systems have any issues or are out of date.  Synium regularly monitor all critical components and react quickly to resolve any issues, usually before they have made any impact on service.  The benefits of this service are :

  • 24 x 7 monitoring for Servers and PCs – we check that :
    • backups are successful
    • anti-virus software is up-to-date
    • no hacking activity is taking place
    • there are no network connectivity issues
    • there’s enough space on system disks
    • essential services are running
    • and much more
  • advanced automated and proactive daily checks to stop problems affecting the business
  • remote monitoring of key hardware to minimise potential down-time
  • advanced helpdesk service to report any faults and to check on the status of calls

Managed onsite and offsite Backups

In order to protect Envirocare’s critical data we implemented our managed online backup service.  This service takes a copy of Envirocare’s essential data and sends it to a remote data centre via their internet connection.  In the event of a disaster (such as a fire or a flood), Envirocare can easily access their data and keep their business operational until the disaster has been resolved.

The backup service also maintains a local copy of the data on a locally stored device for super fast access in the event of a disaster – a belt and braces approach!

New HP PC’s running Office 2013

As part of their IT improvements Synium also replaced Envirocare’s PC’s with modern HP workstations running Microsoft Office 2013 and the Windows 7 operating system.  Envirocare staff now have great performance and the latest Microsoft software.  Needless to say, they are very happy customers !



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