Microsoft Office 365 Case Study – Hodge Hill Girls School

By • November 18th 2015

Microsoft Office 365

Hodge Hill Girls School Case Study

Office 365 Migration Project

Hodge Hill Girls school is a secondary school based in north Birmingham who were seeking to improve their email system.


The ‘Before’ situation

Before this project Hodge Hill used a hosted Zimbra platform for their email needs.  Although they had used the system for several years they felt it had been surpassed by other more feature-rich email offerings, like Microsoft Office 365.  They also paid an annual fee for the service which would no longer be required if they used Microsoft Office 365.  Other issues with the Zimbra system were that it didn’t synchronise with the school’s authentication system (Active Directory) so each user had to remember two sets of passwords; and mailbox sizes were inadequate which meant staff had to delete or archive their old emails.


The Aim

The aim of the project was to reduce costs and improve organisational efficiency by providing improved mailbox features and resources.


The Result

A Ruckus wireless controller and 8 x Wireless Access Points were installed which has given more than enough coverage for staff and students to access the wireless network from anywhere within the school.  The wireless system is also very easy to manage via a centralised, web-based console.

Harper Bell are now extremely pleased with their centrally-managed enterprise-class wireless system and it has greatly enhanced teaching and learning campus-wide.  Staff now have the freedom to teach using their laptops from anywhere on campus.  Children are now able to use ipads from any classroom, giving the school more flexibility and greatly enhancing lessons.

Key deliverables were :

  • installation and configuration of Wireless Access Points and centralised controller
  • robust wireless access to internal resources from anywhere on campus
  • robust wireless access to the internet from anywhere on campus



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