Microsoft Office 365 Case Study – South and City College Birmingham

By • November 18th 2015

Microsoft Office 365

SCCB Case Study


South and City College Birmingham (SCCB) is the result of a merger between South Birmingham College and City College Birmingham and is now Birmingham’s biggest college.  It provides vocational education to around 25,000 students and has around 2000 staff.

SCCB is well-known for its excellent standards and as part of its strategy to increase business efficiency after the two colleges merged SCCB decided to implement Microsoft Office 365.

The Current Problem

SCCB historically used Google Apps and Gmail for their email/productivity services.  Whilst these services had been more than adequate in the past, after the Colleges merged SCCB felt they needed more compatibility and integration with the other Microsoft Office products they used, their main aim being to boost staff operational efficiency.

The Solution

As educational organisations are entitled to Office 365 for free and SCCB staff predominantly use Microsoft software applications the decision to move to Office 365 was virtually a no-brainer for SCCB.

With clear direction from Project Sponsor Paul Farrell, the Director of IT at the college, we worked alongside the college’s IT Systems team (specifically Dave Birks, Stuart Kingscote and Martin Whinnery) – without whom this project would not have been the success it was.

Although the project was a complex one it only took a few weeks of planning, with implementation itself taking around 2 weeks over the summer break.  The Synium team were involved in both the project management and implementation of the project which has been a huge success.

The Result

Each member of staff at SCCB now enjoy the following excellent features :

  • Excellent integration with Microsoft Outlook so staff can utilise shared calendars, shared mailboxes and resource mailboxes (to book rooms for meetings for example)
  • 50GB mailboxes for each user
  • Sharepoint intranet team sites in the cloud so each team can share their documents securely and access them easily
  • Access to documents from virtually anywhere with the ability to edit documents within a browser using web-apps
  • Ability to use the same username and password they use for their college network account
  • Video conferencing over the internet between staff, including screen sharing and instant messaging


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