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By • June 22nd 2015

Data Backup NAS Cloud

Your business data is one of the most important aspects of your business.  Research by Price Waterhouse Cooper highlighted that over 70% of businesses who suffer a significant data loss never recover. As a business owner who has worked hard to build your business up, this kind of data loss could be disastrous – but is so easy to avoid with a robust data backup procedure. The first job is to identify what needs backing up, and how frequently the backup needs running.

One of the quickest methods for backing up, is to back up the data to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. This is fundamentally a hard disk which is connected to your network. Each evening your data can be backed up automatically to this NAS device.  This is quick, and often faultless – especially when coupled with our ‘Managed Backup Solution’ which monitors the success of backups on a daily basis.

When coupled with offsite backups to the cloud, this is a superb solution.  The data is also backed up to our secure cloud storage.  The benefit of this your data is secure even if you have a theft, or a fire – as the data is retrievable from the cloud storage.

All this can be done very inexpensively – but gives such great peace of mind to know your data is safe and secure.

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