Shiny Happy People

By • September 2nd 2015


One of the things often ignored by IT teams is asking the users if they are happy.

Andy and I spent a whole day on a customer’s site yesterday. We have worked with this customer for the past 7 months on various projects – Network Infrastructure upgrades, Server Virtualisation, and Ruckus Wireless installs. We, and the customer, have felt these projects had gone extremely well – but we wanted to check that the end users were seeing the benefits.

We had a full day meeting various key staff and asking them about the user experience. It was a great day. Especially as we had some very positive feedback:

“Our connection is much better now'; “The system is loads quicker”; “The systems I use are lightning quick now”; “we have seen a real improvement following the work”.

Thinking you’ve done a great job is good – but knowing you’ve done a great job is much better.


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