Standing Desk – How have I been getting on ?

By • October 9th 2015


Around 10 years ago I went on an exchange visit to Denmark – to visit various colleges to see how ‘they did things’. One of the things I saw, and was impressed by, was the number of standing desks. It had become the ‘norm’ for Danish companies and Education to offer these working environments to their staff. Ever since this trip, I had been keen to have one for myself. I’ve previously had a dabble – by sticking my desk up on a couple of old PCs, but it never felt good enough.

So, when we were planning our office move to Henley in Arden, I thought it was time for me to get one, and give it a ‘proper go’. It’s been 4 weeks since we moved – and 4 weeks since I have been using my sit/stand desk (from Ikea). How have I got on with it ? I love it. I’m really pleased I didn’t buy the standing-only version, and that I went for the more expensive one with the electric motor. This enables me to have time standing, and then switch to sitting really easy.

The desk was very simple to assemble, and the motor is really quick, allowing you to shift position within a few seconds. I tend to spend the first hour or so in the day standing, and then shift to sitting until lunchtime. After lunch I go back to standing – and then finish off the day sat down. I tend to take and make most of my phone calls when stood up, not sure why – but i just feel comfortable on the phone when standing.

Overall, very happy. Not sure if it is making me any healthier, but it must have more positives than negatives – so really pleased.

(and if it is good enough for the White House, then I’m sure it is good enough for me)

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