Watch out for dodgy emails

By • September 1st 2017


Be careful with emails like this one  – they look so genuine on first glance. But it is highly likely the zip file attachment contains a virus.

Always be very careful with emails from unknown sources. Whilst they look genuine, they can cause a whole heap of pain for you.

Most emails of these types get caught by Spam filters (if your email system has them) – but some get through. The one in above made it through to my Junk box, and whilst the lure of a £900 tax rebate is appealing it is simply a hoax.

Top tips for avoiding these.

Do NOT click on any attachments – unless you are absolutely sure of the sender, and what the attachment is

Do not trust the apparently genuine sender address – if you take a look at this HMRC page you will see there are many email addresses these hackers use, all of which appear to be the real deal, but are in fact spoofs.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to log a support call on our helpdesk – by clicking the SUPPORT link over on the left of this page.

Stay Safe.

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