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By • September 25th 2015

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Just like a car mechanic who checks your tyres, changes your oil and does a 20 point inspection check on your vehicle to ensure that your car is in a road worthy condition,  Proactive IT Support optimises the performance of your network and enhances its security.  Giving you peace of mind Proactive IT support reduces downtime and improves security on all of your devices i.e. servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, backups and printers.


Each day every device on the network is monitored and pro-actively maintained using bespoke software.  Automated processes and a proactive computer support team is a powerful way to enhance, protect and deliver peak performance of your network and devices 24/7  365 days.  Proactive I.T. support service saves you money and ensures your applications and data are secure by identifying and taking action before problems occur and impact on the operations of your business.


A team of highly skilled technicians work behind the scenes to improve and maintain the performance of your network.  Proactive I.T. service saves you money because problems  can be identified  before they occur which is perfect for companies which are looking to reduce downtime, reduce costly repair visits, improve performance, improve employee satisfaction and increase overall company productivity.


Each month your I.T. provider should provide your company with a report on the health and status of all your devices, any work that they have undertaken as a result of their monitoring to ensure your network is fully protected and details of any “jobs” you and your staff have logged with their Helpdesk.



With  proactive I.T. support you can stop worrying about your technology and focus on the important business of running your business.  For more information on how proactive I.T. support can help your business or if you want to test drive proactive I.T. support to see if it’s right for your business then why not contact Synium IT.

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