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By • December 17th 2014

Outsourced IT

Synium passionately believes that reliable Information Technology (IT) should seamlessly empower you and your staff to drive your business forward and not be a hindrance.  In this article we look at the cost to a business of dealing with IT issues ‘In-House’ and the alternative cost effective solution of outsourcing.


Is this your current situation for provision of your IT?

break fix


Leads to:

  • Growing frustration
  • Slow progress
  • Employee downtime
  • Loss of profit
  • Potential loss of sales/customers


The cost of dealing with IT issues ‘In-House

Example Company

  • Annual turnover £1m
  • 5 employees
  • Average salary £15k
  • 250 sales per year from 30 different customers – average order value £4,000
  • Taking one business day to recover from a virus attack, disk crash etc


System crashes and 5 users left stranded = £300 worth of lost productivity

5 employees x £15k average salary/250 working days per year x 1 day of recovery

Loss of potential sales = £4k apx

250 sales/250 days = 1 order per day – Average order £4k

Loss of potential customers – £33k apx

£1k total sales/30 customers x 1 order per day x £3k = £33k


Continued or regular occurrences of downtime can result in a real possibility of one customer getting frustrated and seeking another supplier.

In addition to all of the above there is also the cost of repairing the problem and attempting to restore data, either In-House or employing the services of an external IT Support company with fees charged on an hourly basis.


Would you like this provision for your IT to be more like this? 

break fix 1



Leads to:

  • Faster, more accurate, less frustrating IT
  • Fewer crashes
  • Employee Uptime
  • Significant reduction in problems
  • Your own IT Department but without the overheads
  • Reliable IT


By outsourcing your IT means each day every device on your network is monitored and pro-actively maintained using bespoke software.  Automated processes and a proactive computer support team is a powerful way to enhance, protect and deliver peak performance of your network and devices 24/7  365 days.

Outsourced proactive I.T. service saves you money because problems  can be identified  before they occur which is perfect for companies which are looking to reduce downtime, reduce costly repair visits, improve performance, improve employee satisfaction and increase overall company productivity.

If you would like to find our more on how your business can profit from outsourced pro-active IT support then we would love to hear from you.

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