How Easy is it to Change IT Partners ?

How Easy is it to Change IT Partners ?

There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to find an IT support partner only to realise they are no longer able to meet your needs. Maybe you have come to the realisation that the support you are getting does not meet your needs or expectations. This issue is not uncommon and many of our clients said this was their main reason for wanting to change to Synium. The good news is you do not need to continue putting up with poor service because we have made it simple and straightforward for you to change !


You Do Not Have to Put Up with Poor Service


Even if you are unhappy with the service you are currently receiving, you may be apprehensive to change because it can seem daunting. It is true that IT underpins many functions of every business and so your current provider may be a big part of your systems and processes as well as having an understanding of your IT infrastructure.

The knowledge they hold can leave you feeling concerned you may lose out if you change provider, especially if you are worried they would not leave the information and documentation required for a new IT partner to take over. Whilst this is a valid and genuine concern, in our experience it rarely happens when we take over IT support as we know what we are looking for and can usually find it without any major problems.

It is true there may be various levels of information available, but we find that it takes a brief period of time to get a good grasp of what your current system looks like, meaning you will not need to worry about any issues with your service nor will you have to worry about your business halting during the transfer period.


Making the Decision to Change to Better


Being responsible for the good running of a business is a challenge, especially when IT is just one area of running a business. However, taking the time to consider your IT support package and evaluating whether it works for your needs is an important process.

Many companies put up with poor IT support as they believe they are unable to find anything better for the same price, but it is this concern that allows many IT companies to continue making money even when they are not offering what they should. Rather than put up with this any longer, now may the perfect time to choose something new.


Giving You Confidence to Change to Better


If you are keen to change but still feel worried there may be some gaps in handover then there are a number of facts below that can help develop your confidence:

 Most IT providers use an RMM (Remote Monitoirng and Management) tool and as there are only a few different options available, we find that most of our new customers’ previous IT support provider used the same tool, making it simple for you to switch to us.

 Virtually every IT company offers Microsoft 365 services (inc the licences) as part of their offering, with most companies opting for a Microsoft 365 subscription. The important thing about this is there will be no disruption in your service as all we need to do is swap the administrator role from your previous IT support to us, resulting in no new email addresses or change of software.

 All IT support services should keep detailed records and documentation, with many opting to use spreadsheets and word documents. We can take this information and use it to offer a seamless service and what is more, we use IT Glue, a system that takes all the documentation, passwords and more and stores them all in one central secure location for ease of storage and better security.


What Synium Can Offer Your Business


When you are ready to make a move to an IT support service that delivers what it promises then Synium is a smart choice! Some of the key things you will enjoy when you collaborate with us include:

 A team of experts who will work hard to resolve issues and keep you informed every step of the way. We know that good relationships are a key aspect to great IT support and the entire Synium team are committed to helping you succeed.

 Using our top of the range Helpdesk – a client portal that you can access when you have issues that need to be addressed. These issues are then reviewed and triaged by our team before being managed so you do not have to put up with IT issues that are left unresolved.

 A slick and professional onboarding process as we do not believe that you should have to pay to move to a better service when you have decided to swap. The planning of this will be done in conjunction with your business needs so that you are not left without the systems that you need to stay open.

 No contract tying you in as we believe no client should ever feel trapped into staying with an IT provider – although we are sure that once you start working with us, you will never want to stop!

 A range of contact methods for all your needs – from our online portal to email and phone, we want you to get hold of us whenever you need us so that any problems are dealt with effectively and resolved quickly.

 Having access to a range of tools that will keep your business running and your IT systems safe. This includes antivirus and antispam software, access to excellent broadband and Wi-Fi services, ongoing support with your chosen IT packages and more.


Connect with Us Today


If you are interested in find out how Synium can help you to transition from your current IT support provider, then we would love to talk to you. All our initial discussions come with no obligation, and we will give you the most accurate and up to date overview of how we can take your IT support service to the next level. For a free, no obligation chat about your concerns book some time with me by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can fill in the form on this page for an indicative quote.

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