Managing Outlook JUNK Folder

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Managing Outlook JUNK Folder

Manage your Outlook Junk Folder

Microsoft Outlook has come a long way since its launch (Outlook 97 in 1997).  It’s undoubtedly become one of the key applications office workers use on a daily basis.

One of the things it has become much better at managing is Junk email.  We all get far too much email as it is, so keeping the rubbish out of our Inbox is more important than ever.

Outlook manages this by using a ‘JUNK’ folder for what it deems to be Junk/Spam (whatever you want to call it). Now, it does a very good job of managing your Junk – but sometimes it needs some help to ‘train’ it to do an even better job.

The Microsoft website recommends you help out a little:

So – it is advisable to review your Junk folder regularly.  We do ours daily, but you may want to just do it once a week.

Open your Junk folder, by clicking it in your Folder list on the left of Outlook:

You can then review the email in the Junk folder, and can either delete them (if they are defintely Junk) – or you can set them as ‘Not Junk’ so that email from those senders will not end up in Junk the next time they send to you.

Right click on the email that you want to keep – and then select ‘Junk’ from the drop down menu.

From this menu you have several (fairly self explanatory) options – Block Sender / Never Block Sender / Never Block Sender’s Domain.  If you choose Block Sender, then any future emails from this person will always go into your Junk. If you choose ‘Never Block Sender’ then this will mean future emails from this person will go to your inbox.

You can also click ‘Not Junk’ (which is my preferred option) – this will ensure Outlook never sees this user as a Junk email sender – and will ensure this (and future emails) go to your Inbox.

Once you’ve reviewed the emails in there, and moved any you want to keep – you can delete all the others.


Like I say, it is worthwhile doing this regularly as you may be missing emails that you really need to see. Over time, Outlook will become more intuitive to what to block, and what not to block.

For more info on how Microsoft classifies email as JUNK – read here.

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