3 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Support Over Traditional

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3 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Support Over Traditional

While traditional IT support may seem like a suitable and budget friendly option for small to medium sized businesses, this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst companies will only pay for IT support in the case of a problem, by the time that an IT problem is discovered and fixed, the loss of time (or worse, the loss of critical data) could be much costlier than a monthly payment for an all inclusive IT support plan.

Let’s talk about some of the major benefits of choosing all inclusive, managed IT support over traditional, reactive IT support.

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There is Less Downtime

For businesses that rely on traditional IT support, as this is a reactive service, when a problem occurs, this will mean some downtime until an IT technician is able to fix the problem. Much like a reactive service such as calling an electrician or a plumber, businesses will have to wait until an IT company can arrange for a technician to attend to the issue at their convenience. Even when support is available, there is still a chance that a call-out technician would have no experience of working with your IT systems, so the time taken to identify and fix a problem could mean more downtime.

In the case of a managed IT support service, technicians are familiar with your IT infrastructures and can proactively monitor them and attend to potential problems before they occur. As a result, downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum and companies can focus on running their own business as opposed to attempting to solve IT problems.

Proactive Support

By investing in proactive IT support, businesses can stay ahead of the game when it comes to IT. As well as monitoring systems for potential problems before they can have detrimental effects, IT support teams can also ensure that essential updates are made regularly to ensure that systems are as efficient as possible and any gaps in IT infrastructure are filled in.

Flexible, Tailored Support

All businesses are different, so it makes sense that IT support packages should be tailored to suit each business. Whilst the idea of a fixed monthly cost for all inclusive IT support may be a worry for some businesses, the truth is that a support package can be tailored to fit their specific needs and budget.

In addition to core services such as an IT helpdesk and remote IT monitoring, businesses can also choose from a range of IT security and connectivity options according to their needs. As a business grows, so does their IT infrastructure, so support packages can also be changed over time.

Investing in a managed IT support service is not only considerably less expensive than building an in-house IT department, but in the long term, the proactive and extensive report and much reduced downtime are guaranteed to save a business in more ways than one.

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