Microsoft Teams – How to check your settings and make a test call

This article explains how to check Microsoft Teams is working as it should before you connect to a group video conference meeting – it shows how you can access the settings needed to check the Microphone and Speakers (and webcam if you are using one) – making sure you are ready for any group video conference chats.  It also shows how to make a Test call before any meeting, to make sure it all works.

Firstly open Microsoft Teams.

(please note if you are using a Remote Desktop connection to connect to your PC in the office, you must not use Teams within this connection – you must use it on your local PC/Laptop (this applies to our customers – if you are not a customer of ours, your IT support may have set this up differently)).

Then click on your Profile icon in the top right (1)

Then click on Settings (2)

Within Settings, click on Devices

This opens the Devices section, and allows you to check you have the right microphone, speakers and webcam set.  It also is where you can make a Test call to check these devices are all working as they should.

If you have any problems with this, you can log a call on the helpdesk by emailing to

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