What are the best jobs in IT

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What are the best jobs in IT

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What are the different job roles in Managed IT Services ?

First of all: “What is ‘Managed Services’ ?”

Managed Services is the name for IT support services which are outsourced to a third party company.  A Managed Services Provider (MSP) will provide all aspects of IT support for their customer – in effect acting as their own IT department, without the huge cost associated with providing this themselves.

By entering into a Managed Services partnership with an IT Support company (MSP), organisations can benefit from access to a whole team of IT experts to provide support and guidance for all aspects of their IT requirements – something that would cost them a huge salary bill if they were to do it themselves.

Usually the only alternative to this is the business having someone ‘in house’ who ‘knows a bit about IT’ and is therefore seen as the IT expert.  The problems with this are many:

  • It is unlikely this person has all the skills required (server, network, security, email, internet, wifi, to name just a few).
  • The constant distractions for IT support detract from this persons ‘proper job’
  • What happens when this person is off ill, or on holiday ?

So, an IT Managed Service Provider can be a real asset to a business allowing them to focus on its core services.

What different types of technical roles are there within a Managed Service Provider?

Typically there are ‘general’ IT Service Desk personnel within MSPs. Depending on the size of the MSP, these may well be individual roles – Helpdesk co-ordinators; and Helpdesk (sometimes called ‘Service Desk’) engineers/technicians.  These are often categorised as Level 1; Level 2; or Level 3.

Calls are received on the Helpdesk, and are appraised for the type of call it is – and are then prioritised and assigned to the relevant engineer.

What is a Level 1 IT Technician/ Engineer ?

As the name suggests, these are the people who deal with the ‘first-line’ support for the Helpdesk.  These include the basic day to day support requests such as password resets; printer setups; Microsoft Office issues and other application issues.  Level 1 engineers usually also get involved in simple projects such as building PC’s and laptops.

What is a Level 2 IT Technician/ Engineer ?

A Level 2 Engineer handles the next level of issues that are escalated from the Level 1 team.  These can include basic server administration tasks, server backup issues as well as more advanced PC and printer problems.  Internet and network connectivity issues can also be handled by Level 2 as they usually have a wider range of skills and experience.  In terms of projects Level 2’s may get involved in PC rollouts, router installations and possibly basic server builds, depending on experience.

What is a Level 3 IT Technician/ Engineer ?

Level 3 staff are highly skilled, experienced engineers that are able to deal with any calls that are escalated from levels 1 and 2.  They usually spend a lot of time carrying out complex projects such as server builds, network installations and email migrations.  Due to their experience, Level 3 engineers can be an important source of support for Level 1 and 2 staff and they may also have additional responsibilities such as training less experienced staff.

What Other Roles ?

 There are roles within MSPs for more senior, and more technical skills. These people are usually responsible for the development of services to be offered to the businesses they support.  There are also often Account Management roles – sometimes these are combined with the technical staff, as it is useful to have the Technical skills to help advise clients on the appropriate solutions for their organisations.

Most MSPs (such Synium IT) are able to offer the full range of IT support services needed for the type of clients they serve – and as such, individuals working within an MSP have exposure to a wide scope of technologies.  Because of this they can be great places to work to broaden skillsets. It is also a great place to work, simply for the fact that you are spending your time helping people – and who (in their right mind) doesn’t want to help people (and get paid for doing so).



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