5 Tips to make your Home internet a bit quicker

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5 Tips to make your Home internet a bit quicker

If you are working at home (as so many are these days) – you may be frustrated with the overall speed experience.

Here are 5 quick tips for things you can try to improve your connection speed.

1. Reboot your router and PC

This is possibly something you’ve not done for quite some time – rebooting the router will re-establish your connection to the exchange.  Rebooting the router will disconnect everyone in the house – so you may want to let them know first.

You should also reboot your PC/laptop fairly frequently, as this properly resets a lot of the functionality, including the network connectivity.  Be mindful that some laptops/PCs may only be configured to hibernate when they are switched off – so you are definitely better to do a proper shutdown/reboot.

2. Limit other family members use

May be a bit harsh this one, but you only have so much bandwidth available – and anyone else using the internet will be using some of that bandwidth.  So if anyone is streaming videos, playing online games, streaming internet TV (Netflix, Amazon, NowTV, iPlayer etc) they will be using some of the bandwidth.  Perhaps you could ask others to postpone their gaming/TV watching until you’ve finished your work.

3. Improve your WiFi connection

If you are using Wifi connection, and are quite some distance from the router/WiFi then your signal strength may be weak.  This will impact on the speed of your connection.  So – you could try working a bit closer to the router (not always possible, I appreciate – but it will certainly help).  If this is not possible you may want to look into getting a WiFi extender.  There are many different makes around – so take a look on Amazon to see what you can get.

4. Connect to the router with a cable

Whilst WiFi is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, it can never be as quick as having a cable directly connecting you to the router.  I appreciate this may not be possible if you are using a tablet or even some laptops don’t have a network port – but if it does, or you are using a PC, then an ethernet cable connecting you will always be quicker.

5. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they can improve your connection speed

ISPs are constantly improving their network, but some don’t always let their customers know there is a better solution available – so it may be worth contacting them to see if there is.

Take a look first of all at this site (Speed Test), it will tell you the current speed you are getting when connecting to the internet. It is possibly worth checking this out several times (over a few days) to build a picture of your average speeds, as speeds fluctuate throughout the day depending on a lot of factors.



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