Benefits of taking your dog to work

Marley and buddy scaled

Benefits of taking your dog to work

Synium Office Dogs

We are very fortunate to work in an environment where we are able to bring our dogs (Marley & Buddy) into the office.

There is something very therapeutic about having your dog asleep under your desk whilst you are working. Admittedly, they are not always asleep – in fact they are often awake wandering around the office looking for attention – or happily playing with each other

Both Marley and Buddy are Labradoodles but both are very different both in size, looks and personality.  They love coming to work with us and are both lovely natured dogs, they just want to be friendly with everyone here – and everyone who visits. There only fault is (one they both share)  they love picking up anything lying around on the floor – often this is Stu’s shoes he leaves lying around under his desk.

Benefits for all 

We feel that having them here brings many benefits to us, and the office in general;

  • It gets us out of the office a couple of times during the day to take them for a walk. Being situated in Henley in Arden means we are surrounded by some lovely countryside for them to explore.
  • They are something of a celebrity on the Henley High Street, especially in the sandwich shop, where they often get a free sausage or three or a gravy bone from the postman.

And if it was good enough for President Barack Obama while he held office, it is good enough for us:

Barack Obama with dog

Marley & Buddy love having visitors so feel free to pop into our offices…..but don’t forget to bring some sausage !

Simon Tonks

Owner and MD of Synium who loves his job, his life and the wondrous outdoors - especially when on a bike of any kind (but preferably on a mountain bike going downhill fast).Please get in touch if there is anything IT related I can help you with (or if you want to talk bikes :-)