Furloughed Staff – Save licence costs by ‘Suspending’ their Office 365 accounts

Furloughed Staff – Save licence costs by ‘Suspending’ their Office 365 accounts

If you are considering furloughing off some of your staff through this difficult period we are all facing, you may also want to look at ‘suspending’ their Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

As furloughed workers, staff are not able to carry out any tasks for the business, so you would need to bear this in mind with their emails – you may want to look at setting up ‘forwards’ so that any email sent to these staff is forwarded on to other non-furloughed staff.

There are some caveats to being able to suspend the accounts (listed below), but if you can, it would give some savings for the business.

To ‘suspend’ the account it needs to be converted to a ‘Shared Mailbox’ – this means that the email in the mailbox is retained (for as long as the Shared Mailbox remains – or until it is converted back to a normal mailbox).

The mailbox needs to be on a Monthly licence with your provider – ie, if it is on an Annual Commitment, then you can’t ‘suspend’ for a month or two.

If the mailbox account is a Business Premium (or above)  licence, then once suspended, access to the Office applications would cease also – but this shouldn’t be an issue, as the member of staff shouldn’t be working – but something to keep in mind.

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