Quite pleased with this

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Quite pleased with this

It almost doesn’t seem British !  To boast about being quite good, doesn’t seem right – in fact writing this feels awkward. But sometimes you’ve just got to be proud about the work you do.

Obviously, as an IT Support company, it is crucial that we are quite good at IT support – OK, let’s be honest – we need to be really good at it – if we are not really good, there are plenty of other IT support companies out there to take over.  So, ‘Quite Good’ isn’t good enough for us – we really do have to be very good.

We handle around 7000 Helpdesk calls a year – around 500-600 per month – and as each ticket is closed the person who logged it receives an email informing them of the solution – and asks for a Satisfaction rating.

The image above shows how we’ve been doing so far this year – and considering it has been a rather challenging year for everyone, it has to be said I am very happy to have 98% of respondents rating our support as Positive.  (Obviously, I’d have liked to get 100% – but I think the handful of Neutrals were tickets that resolved themselves – Hey Ho, you cant have everything).

Here at Synium, we are very lucky to have a dedicated team who all strive to provide outstanding support.

That’s enough boasting for now…. I will go and put my proverbial light back under the bushel (hmmm – what is a bushel ???  let me Google…..)




Simon Tonks

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