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How much does outsourced IT support cost?

One of the obvious concerns of any business owner who is looking to outsource their organisation’s IT support (or to change to a new provider) – is “How much does outsourced IT support cost?”

Although it is not a completely straightforward answer (as there are a lot of variables) I am going to try and do my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

Having someone to call upon when there are any ‘issues’ with a business’ IT is crucial. In the early days of a business’ life, this is often someone internally who is ‘the person people call upon to help fix things’. But as a business grows, this soon becomes insufficient for most organisations.

Obviously, by spending time sorting issues with the IT, this internal member of staff is not doing ‘their proper job’ – it is also very challenging for this person to be able to have all the technical experience and skills to fully support a growing business’ infrastructure. Plus there is the obvious concern and worry when this person is on holiday, or off sick – or (heaven forbid) decides to leave.

So, this leads business owners to consider looking for outsourced help.

Very few IT support company websites will say anything about pricing on their site – which isn’t very helpful to potential customers, and could cause you some concerns.

I am sure one of the key reasons you don’t see prices on these websites is that the IT company will say “ah… but there are so many variables, it is difficult to give accurate figures” – and I would agree with this, but at least we can try give to give you ball park pricing.

Whilst there are many similarities with businesses and their IT requirements, everyone is uniquely different – and as such the support they need is unique too.

Factors to be considered include:

* How many staff use a computer ?

* How many PCs/Laptops are there ?

* Is there a Server ?

* Is it just a Physical server, or are there virtual servers ?

* What sort of internet connection is there ?

* How many printers are there ?

* How complex is the network ?

* How many sites are there ?

* Do you need Anti Virus ?

* What do you use for Email (is it Office 365) ?

* What business applications do you use ?

* What router do you have ?

* What cloud services do you use ?

* What cloud services could you use ?

* What backup solutions do you use – how quickly do you need to recover from disaster ?

And a BIG one for recent months – do any of your staff need to work at home ?

So you can see there are many factors which go into understanding the type of support you need, and as such can have an influence on costs – to a lesser or greater degree.

Whilst price is obviously a significant consideration when choosing an IT partner, there are other aspects to consider:

  • What hours are covered ?
  • Are there limits to the amount of times we can contact for support ?
  • How can we contact you for support ? Phone ? Email ? Web Portal ?
  • What Service Level Agreement can I expect ?
  • Will you liaise with other third parties on our behalf ? (Eg Internet provider, phone company, other software vendors)
  • Will you help us develop our IT as we grow ?
  • Can you provide Microsoft Office 365 support ?
  • Can you monitor our network and server to ensure minimum downtime ?
  • How satisfied are your other customers ?
  • Is there anything that is not supported ?

When we discuss our services with potential new customers, we try and educate and inform on all the topics above, so you will clearly understand the full support service.

But one of the main considerations will always be ‘how much does it cost to outsource IT support”

Now, if it is purely the cheapest option you are looking for, then we probably aren’t the right IT partner for you. You will always find cheaper – but with this you will compromise on some of the other aspects of the support your are getting. Not that we are the most expensive (far from it) – but we are not the cheapest either.

I am a big believer in getting (and giving) value for money, and we always aim to ensure each and every one of our customers feel they have outstanding value for money.

With all of our support customers we include all of the following:


  • Unlimited calls to our helpdesk (via email, portal, or phone)
  • Access to our Knowledge Base for self help articles
  • 24/7 monitoring of all your PCs/Laptops/Servers (assuming they are powered on and connected to the internet)
  • Award winning secure remote monitoring and management software (allowing us to securely access and support your devices)
  • Impressive response times that constantly receive praise form customers.
  • 2 hours on site each month (if needed – although rarely is)
  • Strategic advice and guidance to help ensure your business has the best IT solutions.
  • A single point of contact for all your IT needs
  • A team of very friendly and skilled individuals who have been working in IT for many years – and really know what they are doing.


Further info on the service we provide our IT Support customers can be found in our “Key Features” PDF – which you can download here.

How much does IT Support cost?

Well, as I have said, every IT support provider is a little different in how they charge – but here at Synium, this is how we approach this:

We take into account all the components and nuances of a business’ IT (as listed above) and we find a price to provide the full support services which will bring greatest benefit to the organisation.

Whilst our support package we provide to customers is different for every customer – one thing is the same for all – we only provide “All Inclusive” support. It works much better for all (us included) if the staff know they can call (or email) any number of times and there not be any additional costs – which is why we only do ‘all inclusive’ packages.

So, with all the caveats I’ve waffled on about (sorry) – here are some indicative prices for our All Inclusive support:

Example 1 – For a business with 10 staff, each with a PC or a Laptop

A server running a business critical application

Microsoft Office 365 accounts for the email (and Teams & Sharepoint)

A single office, with a router and internet connection

Any number of printers

Staff working at home at any point.

Our cost for this would be around £300 per month.

There are some optional extras you may also want to consider – such as Anti Virus (£2 per PC per month) / off site (cloud) backups of your data (£75 per month for a full server backup) / anti spam software to limit the junk in your inbox (£2 per mailbox per month)/ broadband connectivity etc.

Example 2 – A business with 20 computers.

With a slightly larger organisation, with similar requirements to the one above, our cost would be £450 per month.

As I have said, our pricing is tailored to your exact needs, but hopefully the above examples can give you a good indication about what pricing might be like.

For a more accurate (ballpark) quote for your business, click the link below (and fill in the form) and we will get a cost for your consideration.


Simon Tonks

Owner and MD of Synium who loves his job, his life and the wondrous outdoors - especially when on a bike of any kind (but preferably on a mountain bike going downhill fast).Please get in touch if there is anything IT related I can help you with (or if you want to talk bikes :-)