How to Avoid Microsoft Office Pitfalls?

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How to Avoid Microsoft Office Pitfalls?

How to Avoid Microsoft Office Pitfalls?

Many organizations have acknowledged the benefits of using

Why would large and small organizations make a move to Microsoft Office 365? Indeed, for a good reason. Office 365 makes it quick and straightforward for employees to communicate and collaborate in the cloud effectively. Moreover, Office 365 reduces the costs associated with network and server upgrades, maintenance, and configurations.

While Office 365 offers many benefits, it also comes with a few unavoidable pitfalls. You can successfully learn some critical lessons at Microsoft Office Training to guide you by running into many issues encountered while using MS office.

Here are some of the most common Microsoft Office pitfalls to avoid and how to solve them smartly.


Select your package

There are multiple Microsoft Office 365 packages available. Assess the requirements in your organization according to the needs and goals. Which Office solution can best help you to accomplish organizational goals and improve workflow efficiency. The right O365 package choice will help in the long run.


Internet bandwidth

Being a cloud-based solution, you need to have a high-speed internet connection with solid bandwidth. Organizations with low bandwidth and a slow connection will be at a disadvantage after the migration, so properly test your connectivity and make any necessary adjustments or upgrades if needed.


Mailboxes and files are too big

Office 365 for business comes with 100 GB of email storage and over 1 TB of file storage per user. It can take long getting your emails and files online, especially if there are users whose inboxes approach the storage limit. More volume of data will take more extended periods during the migration process. So it becomes crucial to be prepared for this scenario and have a plan in place for such users, hence managing data unavailability and ensuring that the work activities can go on smoothly.


Pilot testing

Before you do a big bang migration of Office 365 to your whole organization, the essential step is to perform a pilot test on a smaller group. It will help you identify organization-specific issues and help to define the mitigation steps. Additionally, since mobile device and tablet reconfiguration is needed, you can put processes in place during the pilot migration to help employees after the full rollout.


User training

While getting Office 365 up and running is the most challenging part of a migration, failing to

properly train employees, especially on significant changes in daily functionality, can hinder any organization. Proper training will keep the business run evenly while providing opportunities for employees to learn about new tools such as Microsoft Teams and OneNote to improve their productivity.


Develop a clear plan

Like any IT project, it’s crucial to have a project plan before migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Without one, you may hamper your organization’s work or miss some critical data. A clear strategy, including an employee communication plan, will keep your entire organization humming.

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