Returning to Work

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Returning to Work

Working at Home

When lockdown began we were inundated with helping people to be able to work remotely… it was probably our busiest period ever – and judging by the great feedback from all our customers, I believe we did a pretty good job of getting everyone working ASAP in what were stressful times for all.

The past couple of months have been an unusual time (bit of an understatement) – yet despite this, many have embraced the ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) situation.  I know from talking with many customers, many intend to continue working remotely for at least part of the week in the future.  The increased focus time has really made people more productive.

As someone who has been working from home at least one day a week for nearly 20 years,  it is, without doubt, my most productive time of the week – and it now seems many others have come to appreciate this too.

If you get the right tools (a good setup is essential) – a good laptop – good desk – great working location – and the right software tools – you can be incredibly productive.

Many of us have embraced the functionality of Video Conferencing for the first time – applications like Zoom, Teams, Houseparty, Whatsapp etc have revolutionised how we have worked…. and I am certain they will continue to do so.

Returning to the Office

As the Lockdown starts to show signs of easing, some may be considering returning to the office in the not-too-distant-future. If you are considering returning to the office, even if it is for just part of the week, we are here to help you with that transition.  It would be great if you could give us some notice of your return (just a day or 2 beforehand) – so we can plan for any work needed to get you back operational in the office.

Also – if you would like any advice or guidance about how you can maximise a hybrid solution of working in the office AND working at home, we are here to help – and happy to advise – just drop me an email –


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