Setup your Email on your phone

Setup your Email on your phone

With many working from home these days, and being away from the office – you may want to have your work email on your mobile phone, so you can get easy access to work emails.

If you have not already got it installed we’d recommend downloading the Outlook app for your phone – from the App Store or Google Play

Once installed, open Outlook – then go to ‘Add Account

Enter your email address and click Continue or hit enter 

On the next screen enter your email password.

If you have 2-factor authentication set up on your email, your mobile phone will be sent a text message with 6 digits to enter.

Add another account if you wish or click Skip

The next 3 screens you can skip or scroll through for information.

Then the next screen, hey presto you should see your inbox.

You may want to edit the notifications so you don’t get them all the time… remember to strive for that work life balance 🙂

If you are having difficulty please email, which instantly raises a support ticket.

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