Support for Microsoft Windows 7 is ending

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Support for Microsoft Windows 7 is ending

Just like Windows XP before it, time is running out for Windows 7.

On January 14th 2020 support for Microsoft Windows 7 is ending.

“So what !” you may think… it will still work. And you’re right – it will still work. But there will be no more security updates… and this will be bad.

Microsoft have to continually create fixes and patches for their operating systems in an attempt to keep them safe from the attacks of those naughty hacker people out there.

So, in January next year, these security patches and vulnerability fixes will cease – and that is not good. It will leave any of your computers which are running Windows 7 vulnerable to the vagaries of the sinister.

What can I do ?

Well the two options are 1. Upgrade or 2. Replace (I guess there is a third option 3. Ignore).

Option 1: Upgrade to a newer Operating System.

To do this you will need to purchase a licence for a newer operating system (Windows 10)

These cost around £200 from the Microsoft website – which is not cheap, and is quite a way toward the cost of a new PC.

Whilst Upgrading is obviously an option, it is only really viable if the PC hardware is a really good spec, and the PC is relatively new (less than 18 months old)

Option 2: Replace with a newer PC (with a newer O/S)

Your Windows 7 PCs may well be getting on a bit now, and so this may be a great time to consider replacing them. Your monitor will probably still be fine, and will work with the new PC – so all you need to replace is the PC itself.

To upgrade to Windows 10 does have greater system requirements of the hardware – so it may be that the existing PC does not have sufficient spec (processor / memory / hard disk) to be able to run Windows 10.

We would also highly recommend a PC with a solid state disk (SSD) these allow the PCs to run much quicker than the old style (mechanical) hard disk.

Ranging in price from £400 upwards, you will be able to get a great office PC these days for around the £500 mark.

If you are interested in a quote for this, please do let us know – with our links to PC manufacturers, we can get you a great price – and can help with the installation and configuration.

Option 3: Ignore, and hope for the best

This really isn’t an option – as it would put your whole IT infrastructure at risk – not just the individual PC. If the Windows 7 PC gets infected by virus, or security vulnerability, there is a possibility this can spread to the rest of the network.

Further information can be found on the Microsoft website

You can also see the National Cyber Security website for their advice on what do do prior to January next year.

If you’d like any further information, please do not hesitate to give Synium a call on 0121 663 0203


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