Why Microsoft Teams can save your sanity

Why Microsoft Teams can save your sanity


Enforced isolation is tough.

Working from Home everyday is challenging.

Thank heavens for Microsoft Teams.

We have been using Microsoft Teams for our internal communication for quite a while now – but this has always been when we are all working in the same office, so there has always been the option for a quick (proper) chat – or a discussion about a problem – or a meeting about a project… all things we have all taken for granted.

Now though… not so easy.  Communication is one of the biggest challenges being faced by people working from home (WFH).  Obviously, there is still email – but email is slow – email is not ideal for whole teams – who replies, when to reply – have they seen it – email is NOT the solution for enforced isolation.

In steps Microsoft Teams.  Part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications – and available for all.

It is the perfect solution for these challenging times (and I am predicting it will be a favourite for many months/years to come after normality resumes).

What is Teams ?  Here is an overview video….

So, fundamentally, it is a messaging app with inbuilt functionality for video conferencing for meetings – with one, or many colleagues.

We are pretty sure it will be great for you – for us at Synium, it has been invaluable.  We have used it for constant communication about who is doing which support call – allowing us to instantly connect to colleagues for help or further information – and it has also facilitated us doing daily team meetings, which have been brilliant for individual morale (it is not easy working on your own when you are used to working closely with colleagues).

If you have not yet had a go with Teams, here is a quick start guide:  Teams Quick Start Guide

And here is a bit of further info on how to get started Getting Started with Microsoft Teams  Create your first Teams and Channels

Or you can just give us a call, we’d be happy to help you get set up.

If you are not yet a customer, please get in touch, we will be very happy to help

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