How To: Configure multiple tabs in Google Chrome

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How To: Configure multiple tabs in Google Chrome

How To Configure multiple tabs in Google Chrome every time you open

With many businesses now taking advantage of the many fabulous cloud solutions for their operation systems (we’re huge fans of many – Xero (for our Accounts) – Float (for cashflow) – Pipedrive (for our CRM) – Office 365 (for email and our Sharepoint intranet) – and our online Helpdesk system)… it makes it much easier to manage if you have all your tabs configured for each time you open your browser.

Internet browsing is a big part of many people’s jobs. So, whether it be accessing key business applications (like CRMs, Social Media, Helpdesk, or even email) – having multiple tabs open is a real bonus.

This video shows you how you can configure Google Chrome to always open with your favourite tabs.

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