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Hello, West Midlands!
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We’re helping other businesses just like yours across the West Midlands to use IT to succeed, with our friendly proactive team providing outstanding IT Support services and great value.

Synium IT provides the full range of IT support services to organisations across the whole of the West Midlands.


Our approach is to deliver only the best IT Support services to our clients with no contract tie-in, at a fantastic value. Allowing you to experience the benefits of having your own IT support partner without any risk at all.

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More effective IT Support

Get more out of your IT provider, better value and speed of service matters.

Defend against cyberthreats

Meet compliance regulations and better secure your critical business data.

Working From Home or on the go

Tackle the modern world with the ability to efficiently work from home or out of office.

Staying Connected at all times

Staying connected with your team is critically important in the modern world.

Agreeable Support Costs

Instead of worrying about IT costs and prices, start thinking about your business.

Our Difference

It can be difficult to choose IT Support in the West Midlands, why are we the best?


Instead of reacting to the past, we work into the future. Preventing issues, and ensuring your business is always one step ahead.

Data Security

We ensure your important data is secure, protected and backed up in multiple, online and offline locations.


By dropping the jargon, we instead focus on your business requirements and challenges, talking in your language.


To get the most from your tech, we guide and support your teams to maximise their efficiency with all the latest technology.


Defend your business against the ever-evolving cyberthreats, while meeting compliance obligations with our comprehensive Cyber Security solutions.

Our Services

Your all-inclusive technology partner, driving businesses forward across the West Midlands.

IT Support

Synium’s friendly and proactive team provide outstanding services and IT support with exceptional value and no tie-in contract for businesses across the West Midlands.

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The Cloud

Synium recommends the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, 365 is easilly the best way to boost productivity, flexibility, collaboration and mobility, all whilst reducing IT overheads.

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IT Security

Data security problems can be disastrous for any business. Issues with your IT systems and data privacy issues can lead to monetary losses and damage to your business reputation.

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We’ll keep your team connected to IT, in or out of the office, as cost-effectively as possible. Staying connected is key to running a business in this modern age.

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We have always reached for excellence, but who doesn’t?

We have always reached for excellence, but who doesn’t? Everyone starts their business with a view to being the best.


At Synium we have been supporting businesses with their IT in the West Midlands for almost 10 years, but our team have been working in IT support double that! All our years of experience have made us experts in IT support both people and businesses alike.


Those years of experience have taught us that businesses and their staff are in need of the following:

• A trusted team that are never too far away, and are always available when needed
• A quick and effective response from their Helpdesk
• A professional that understands the way their business works, and the IT that can improve it further
• A calm professional that can interpret a problem and find the right solution to said problem
• A team of ‘backroom staff’ that solely work to keep the business safe at all times
• Proactive monitoring and protection of vital business data
• Access to a team of IT experts that care
• Access to a team that enjoy what they do and want to establish a relationship


The long and short of it is simple, businesses in the West Midlands need access to IT experts that can make their IT better going forward.
Synium will manage all aspects of your business IT and guarantee that we provide all of the above whilst supporting all of your PC’s, laptops, and servers. We will also support your website, domain names and your Emails – our aim is to remove the headache that is IT and effectively manage it for you in the process becoming your dedicated IT team.


We want all of our customers across the West Midlands to feel confident that the service we offer as an IT provider is top value for money, this why we make sure our great services are all delivered at affordable prices. Of course, value for money is important, but arguably more important is the standard of service – customers want a superb service and rightly so, with the right IT support your business can learn to utilise IT to its potential. With the feedback from our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey proving a resounding success, we are very proud how pleased they are with the services we offer.


If you are a business owner in the West Midlands and know that you deserve more than what you are getting from your current IT provider, or if you know that you have already wasted enough valuable time that could have been spent being productive attempting to sort out your own IT problems – we can help you. Don’t hesitate, give us a call for a friendly chat with one of our professionals about what we can do to help you improve the IT in your business.


Synium IT, striving to be the best IT Support company in the West Midlands and beyond.

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