Should you forget the Work – Life Balance ?

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Should you forget the Work – Life Balance ?

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Many people strive for Work – Life Balance – where they try to ensure they don’t let work rule their lives – and protect the time they spend with family and friends.

Modern day work practices (especially for the so called “Knowledge Worker” this has become easier…. being able to access emails from anywhere (with Office 365); being able to work on documents from anywhere; being able to route phone calls to mobiles; and access to cloud software solutions from anywhere – all of these things make it easier to work flexibly.

But is striving for a Work – Life balance the wrong thing to aim for?  Doesn’t this assume work is separate from life, when it is actually integral to life? I know that we here at Synium see this more as a Work – Life blend where work is part of life and life is part of work.

As like many business owners, we never really switch off from work – we work in our home, and occasionally we have our home life into our work.  Here at Synium we often have our family visit and spend time in the office – but we also often spend time working on our business whilst at home – it has become a beautiful symbiotic part of our lives.

When you get this blend right it really is a beautiful thing.

We love our work.

We love what we do.

We love how we do it.

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Simon Tonks

Owner and MD of Synium who loves his job, his life and the wondrous outdoors - especially when on a bike of any kind (but preferably on a mountain bike going downhill fast).Please get in touch if there is anything IT related I can help you with (or if you want to talk bikes :-)