Choosing an IT provider that’s tailored to your needs


Choosing an IT provider that’s tailored to your needs


IT providers are an integral part of your business in the modern era and they can make your workplace run smoothly, giving the business every opportunity for growth and success. Alternatively, they can make your workplace impossible to manage and potentially cause you infrastructural problems.

That’s why choosing a provider that is tailored around you and your business needs are so important. You have to take into account several different factors when choosing a provider. Whether they offer proactive maintenance, guaranteed response times, the level of support they offer and the cost of these services?

You must choose a provider that has genuine knowledge of the sector your business trades in. It’s all well and good having a good relationship with your IT provider on a personal level, but if they don’t understand what the complications and speed bumps can be for a business of your type, then it is a relationship that is not effective from a business standing. This is why checking they have a proven resume of working with other businesses from in your sector is essential, it ensures they are equipped with the experience and knowledge to support you efficiently.

When deciding if a provider is right for your business or not try to remember these questions:

  • Where are they based and how big is their organisation?
  • What is the minimum contract length?
  • Do they care about you? Will they take time to get to know your business?
  • Do they know the industry you work in?


Where are they based and how many staff are in their organisation?

There may be times, however rare, when you require on-site support, especially when making fundamental changes to the system. IT support that has the resources to support you is very important, there’s no use having IT support that isn’t able to do its job because you’re too far away.

Also, remember to take into account whether their infrastructure can support your business effectively. If you’re a business with 80 IT users spread out over 5 offices and the view to move into another, then a small 3 man firm won’t suit your IT support needs.


Contract length

Keep in mind that often the best IT providers offer very short contracts, they know the service they are offering is desirable enough for you to want to stay with them off your own back without being forced to by a lengthy contract.


Do they care? Will they take time to get to know your business?

If you ask any provider then they will, of course, tell you that they do and they will. But here are some ways to see for yourself if a provider values their relationship with you.

Firstly see if they have long-standing clients as this is a clear sign whether they can deliver on their promises. Also, if they give you a single dedicated point of contact, this means you’ll be assigned someone specific to your account that will take the time to get to know you and what you want from the service for your business, they will more than likely get to know your team well too. It is also very important that you don’t get an IT specialist that lives solely for the tech side of IT. A business-minded IT provider that can help to implement changes to your IT that will be beneficial financially and operationally is the aim.


Do they understand the industry you work in

You’ll need an IT provider that can assist you in working under any strict regulatory authority you may have to operate under. This is important for finance and healthcare where regulatory bodies insist on operational rules and regulations, many of which are only possible through a good standard of IT.

GDPR affects all businesses. It’s worth asking the provider what they will do to assist you in meeting your obligations.

A good provider will also know your industry and will be familiar with the processes that are common within a business in your sector. They will be able to offer solutions that meet your needs for a reasonable price because they will know your system software or at least know of it. If you are planning on making upgrades to your IT system soon then it’ll be worth looking for a provider that has some experience in the relevant area.

Asking for customer referrals is a good idea if you can get in contact with either a previous or current customer ideally from the same industry as your business. If the IT provider truly believes they can offer you the service you require then they shouldn’t have a problem contacting a client for a reference for you.


We’re Synium IT, how can we help?

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