Guide to switching your IT provider – The Fundamentals


Guide to switching your IT provider – The Fundamentals


Now that we know how important proactive measures are when it comes to IT maintenance and choosing a suitable provider, we need to take a look at some other factors that can affect your choice when choosing the correct IT provider.



If the IT company you’re considering switching to is serious about implementing good security services, they will have several different security layers to keep your network secure rather than relying on just one.

When conversing details about the services they provide to protect you from all manner of online threats, check they offer backup services including network scanning tools, anti-virus suits and firewall products.


Response times

When a business-critical issue occurs, it is important you feel confident that it will be dealt with quickly and effectively. Ask for statistics based on their average response time, how quickly are support tickets resolved and how quickly could you expect them to provide on-site support (if offered as part of your package).


Customer service

Customer referrals are a first-hand account of the level of customer service the provider offers. Written reviews online are a great way to get you started but nothing compares to hearing it directly from the source.

Providing a dedicated account manager as your point of contact to the provider is a great customer service tool, this individual will be the one getting to know your system and the way you want it run to suit your business model. The flexibility the provider offers also indicates how client-specific they are in their approach to your IT support; will they be able to accommodate your specific business needs and adapt the price of support accordingly? If a provider offers short term contracts then that is a good sign that they are confident they can offer you a service that is sufficient for you to come back on your own accord, as opposed to signing a long 12-month contract that may not be good for you after a month and then you are tied in.



An established provider will have the market presence to offer customers discounted rates on hardware and software. This is particularly important if changes are planned for your IT system. These discounts could save you a lot of money on upcoming projects so be sure to enquire.



IT consultancy may not be on your agenda right now but when you come to need it in the future it is handy to have expert advice nearby when you need it. Look for an IT provider with an interest in developing your IT solutions. Ask whether IT consultancy services are included in the package. For example, could you ring them at any time for guidance?


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