What is a VPN and why does my business need one

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What is a VPN and why does my business need one

With many employees still working from home access to server-based business-critical applications such as database system, a CRM, or the business accounts software are still needed which means staff need to connect to the office to gain access.

Typically the favoured solution for staff to access files and applications remotely has been through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is a VPN

VPN is a connection method for the home worker to connect to the internet privately.  It establishes a secure ‘tunnel’ to the office network– combined with a Remote Desktop connection to gain access to their office PC.

On the whole this is a secure solution.  The VPN ensures an encrypted connection, and the fact they are working on their office PC means no data is being transferred and stored off site (on their home PC/laptop).  With data being encrypted through the VPN tunnel means Internet Service Providers, Search Engines, marketers, hackers and others are unable to track you activities on the internet.

So what protection does a VPN give you

  • Hides your location and IP address : Once connecting to a VPN, you’re sent to the internet from a new gateway server which makes it appear as if you’re in a different part of the world than the one you’re actually in.
  • Encases your internet traffic through a private VPN tunnel: With a VPN, all your data is contained inside additional data packets. This encapsulation creates a private tunnel inside public networks.
  • Encryption of data: Your internet traffic inside the tunnel is scrambled using encryption. This makes a VPN connection virtually impossible to hack by outsiders.

In addition, if using a public WI-Fi on your mobile phone (typically used at airports, hotels, cafes, schools, libraries) you should always use a VPN, otherwise you are making it very easy for hackers to view and steel your data, logins, passwords etc.  To use a VPN on your mobile just go to the usual place where you download your Apps and download a VPN app.

How can I get a VPN?

Setting up and using a VPN is straightforward, if you would like further information just get in touch

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