Why my business needs offsite backups

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Why my business needs offsite backups

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A simple question for business owners to ask themselves:

Could my business recover if we lost all of our data ?

The most common answer is a emphatic ‘NO’… 60% of small businesses who have a data loss disaster shut down within 6 months.

So, ensuring your data is securely and effectively backed up is one of the most important things a business can do.

Why do you need data backups ?

Data can be lost through many different circumstances:

  • Inadvertently deleted by staff (unusually common)
  • Hard disk failure (again, this is common – especially in very hot weather like we have had recently)
  • Data can be encrypted by hackers (even with Anti Virus software)
  • Theft – if you were burgled and the server (or PCs) were stolen.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your business is safe because you have security software (Anti Virus).  A/V is definitely very important, but it is only one layer of security. It is not sufficient alone to adequately protect you from natural disasters; malicious actions by naughty people (or even your staff); human error; equipment failure or theft.

You might find our article on potential threats businesses face from hackers/viruses/malware

What is the best approach to backups ?

We would strongly suggest a ‘belt and braces’ approach to backing up your data;  having a local (onsite) backup coupled with an offsite backup.  This guards against the threat of theft or of fire, or malicious damage – as there is always a copy of your data available outside the business premises.

Onsite backups are best for enabling a speedy recovery of data in the event of inadvertently deleting, or the more extreme case of malware causing the data to become encrypted. This solution ensures the business is back operational as quickly as possible.

We recommend our customers have a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device in their office to which the daily backups are sent.  Then to couple this with an offsite/online backup to a secure data centre.  This can be done at a fairly nominal cost: £300 for the NAS box, and then a small charge per month for the offsite backups (£1 per GB per month). A small price to pay for the peace of mind this can bring.

Businesses should also ensure their backups are monitored to make sure they are running successfully. We have heard of businesses who believed their backups were running, only to find out at a later date they had been failing, and they were unable to recover their lost data.


We provide many of our clients with a fully Managed Backup solution as part of their IT support services – backing up their critical business data to their online storage as well as offsite to our secure data centre… daily and automatically.  Our software allows us to monitor this to ensure it is successful, and alerts our team if there are any issues.


To learn more about our IT Support services check out the IT Support section – we can manage your backups as part of this service.

To learn more about how Synium can help businesses in Birmingham and the Midlands guard against data loss, please give us a call on 0121 663 0203

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