Car Mileage Claims – there is a better way !

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Car Mileage Claims – there is a better way !

Are Mileage Claims a Hassle ?

I am guessing they probably are…. but they can be easier. If you are not using an App to help you, then you really should consider Microsoft’s MileIQ – part of the Office 365 family (so it could be free, depending on what licence you have)

This business mileage tracking app owned by Microsoft allows you to keep a track of all your journeys which can easily be classified as either business or personal with a simple swipe on your smartphone.

How it works

By downloading the App on your phone it will run in background and automatically detects when you are driving.  Tracking  and recording your miles, it then creates drive cards showing the miles and potential expense, you can also add tolls and parking fees to the drive card.

Simply swipe left for personal drives and right for business, you can classify drives i.e meeting, between offices, etc

You can access MileIQ on your phone, tablet or PC creating accurate reports whenever you want at the touch of a button for whatever date range – you can also personalise by setting your working hours.

The App also integrates with accounting software Xero and Freshworks so mileage expenses can be submitted direct for authorisation.

How much is it ?

The first 40 drives are free thereafter there is a charge.  However, if you have Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Business Premium,  E3 & E5  Licences then you can use MileIQ for free with unlimited drives.

MileIQ is a great solution for all your employees allowing you to standardize with very little effort to set up, no form filling or documents to upload less stress for employees, no spreadsheets, no rushing for payroll deadlines……..what’s not to like!

If you’re not using Microsoft 365 yet and you want to know more about how much it might cost, read our article here.

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