Do I need IT Support for my Business ?

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Do I need IT Support for my Business ?

Synium IT Support – Frequently Asked Questions 

“Do I need IT Support for my Business” is a common question business owners may ask themselves in the early stages of a new business.

Synium will help you to effectively manage your IT provision whilst enabling you to focus on your core business – winning and serving customers.  

Synium’s IT support service exists not only to provide support when things go wrong but also to prevent many foreseeable problems and proactively identify other issues before they can have a detrimental impact on your business. 

Does my business need Synium IT Support? 

Your business undoubtedly requires secure and efficient IT systems to support many business processes and the customers relying on them.  

If you currently rely on an employee who has some IT knowledge to fix problems, Synium will free them to focus on their primary duties and be there to help regardless of whether such employees leave or are absent.  

If you currently hire IT support services on an ad-hoc basis when things go wrong, Synium will be working at all times to identify and resolve many problems before they have a noticeable impact on your business. Plus it will be on hand to help with the everyday IT problems your staff may experience – no matter how big or small.  

If you’ve not previously benefited from IT support, Synium will help to ensure that IT makes a positive difference to the management and success of your business.  

What’s included with Synium IT Support? 

  • Unlimited telephone support for all staff to assist with problems big or small (08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday). 
  • Proactive monitoring of all Servers, PCs and Laptops 24/7/365, so many problems can be identified before impacting on your business. 
  • Remote support technology, so many problems can be resolved rapidly without the inconvenience of an on-site support visit. 
  • Windows and antivirus update management, so all devices have the latest security updates. 
  • Data backup management, so critical business data is backed-up and restored in the event of loss. 
  • Hardware fault diagnosis and fix (this doesn’t include the cost of replacement parts/equipment).  
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support (if required). 
  • Broadband router support (if permitted by your Internet Service Provider). 
  • Liaison with current and future third party providers. 
  • Asset tracking. 
  • Monthly reporting of support calls that have been received, fixed or are outstanding.  

Support relating to the connectivity of peripheral IT devices such as printers or mobile devices is offered on a “best endeavour” basis, as models and the quantity of hardware can vary greatly. 

What isn’t included with Synium IT Support? 

Synium doesn’t provide warranty or insurance cover for hardware devices such as PCs, monitors, point of sale terminals or printers.  

However, if there is a problem with a piece of hardware still under warranty with its manufacturer or supplier, Synium will liaise with them on your behalf to arrange a repair or replacement. If the hardware isn’t covered by a manufacturer or supplier warranty, Synium will advise you on a suitable repair or replacement.  

Synium also doesn’t provide support for any software or applications provided by third parties, such as Sage Accounts software – however, we can help you liaising with them. 

Who do I call for help? 

You can contact the Synium team by telephone, email or via our online helpdesk system – calls are logged directly onto our Helpdesk portal – our customers can access this anytime to track progress of any Helpdesk tickets. You’ll also be assigned an Account Manager to improve understanding of your business and advise on future IT strategies. 

How can Synium spot problems before I do? 

Synium’s totally secure remote monitoring technology monitors all critical elements of your system 24/7/365. This includes checking checking critical updates have been performed, backups managed successfully. In many cases this proactive monitoring can identify issues before they’re able to impact on your business – or be noticed by your staff. 

How can Synium resolve problems without visiting my premises? 

Using totally secure remote access technology, Synium’s support staff can access your PCs and laptops to apply fixes or updates directly from the support centre. This means many problems can be resolved rapidly without waiting for an on-site support visit.  

Can I choose which devices are supported? 

Yes, you can tell Synium which devices you want supported. 

What level of service can I expect? 

Synium will provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which will outline a summary of the issue, the priority level assigned and how long it will take for the issue to be resolved.  

The Synium team have a 100% client satisfaction rating across three key areas of their 2016 client satisfaction survey. 100% of clients were happy with the response times, helpdesk support and how well their problems were understood.  


So, if you’re asking “Do I need IT support for my Business”, hopefully this article reassures you of the benefits you would gain.

For a free no-obligation quote for IT Support for your business, please give us a call on 0121 663 0203

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