What You Can Expect From a Managed Service Provider

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What You Can Expect From a Managed Service Provider

If you are being pulled in all directions and do not have enough hours in the day to manage everything, then your business progress may be suffering. Rather than letting IT take too much of your time, you may want to consider sharing the load with people and services that are designed to help. One of the options you could consider is to hire a Managed Service Provider who will take care of running your IT services, giving you back some much needed time to focus on the things that make your business tick.

When you decide to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can expect a provision that is delivered remotely and covers aspects such as infrastructure, end-user systems, cloud storage and any other IT functions you need  managed. The great thing about an MSP is you can work with the provider to personalise what you need so the money you pay out is targeted and results in a value-added service. Working with the right MSP will feel like an investment, not a cost.

Why Should I Choose an MSP for My Business?

If you are considering hiring an MSP for your business, then you are probably wondering why it is a good idea. The reality of purchasing any service is it will cost you money and when you own a business, any money spent has to be worthwhile so you maximise profits and grow the business.

Some of the main reasons for choosing an MSP include:

  • Putting less pressure on your team when it comes to resolving IT issues.
  • Maximising staff effectiveness and efficiency by minimising their frustrations.
  • Reducing your outgoings by not having to pay for an IT Department.
  • Getting up to date advice and best practice information.
  • Reducing the risk of negative impact caused by a cyber-attack or data loss.
  • Accessing software discounts through partner offers.
  • Having a service that can scale up as your business grows.
  • Being able to tap into IT expertise without substantial consultancy fees.


How Does an MSP Work?

Here at Synium, we are an MSP that works hard to provide you with day to day IT support services your team can rely on whenever there is an IT query that needs addressing. We also provide bespoke packages to help you introduce and maintain quality IT services.

In addition to day to day IT Helpdesk support servives, MSP’s services will also include:

  • A comprehensive provision that covers Microsoft 365 from migration to maintenance and everything in between.
  • Help and guidance to get the best out of Microsoft 365 (Teams collaboration / Sharepoint intranet / Video Conferencing etc).
  • Managed cloud hosting that can migrate your data to a cloud service and then maintain the infrastructure to ensure your data is ready to use whenever you need it.
  • Network connectivity support that ensures you have the best network for your needs, including the installation of any physical network that you require.
  • Backup solutions that help you protect your data against unexpected loss and recover your IT infrastructure should the worst ever happen.

When it comes to hiring an MSP like ours, you must take the time to consider what you want and think about what is on offer so you get the best value for money. We are a friendly team who are ready to talk at any time so feel free to get in touch if you want any advice on our MSP offer.

Can I Trust an MSP?

If you are concerned about trusting an MSP, then you need not worry. These services are now well established in the business field and very rarely fail, as long as you employ a reputable company. One of the biggest leaps MSPs made when evolving their service was to offer a bespoke aspect to their offer, making it easier for businesses to get what they need without having to spend on things they don’t.

Here at Synium, we understand that trust is a continually evolving concept and to maintain a great working relationship we are constantly evaluating the service we provide. Some of the main reasons that companies lose their trust in an MSP include poor delivery of services, lack of availability and an inability to see the client as a unique entity that deserves personalised assistance. When you are in the process of choosing an MSP, it is crucial that you learn about their ethos and find out how they will avoid these common mistakes so that you can feel confident in what they offer.

At Synium we continually track our customer satisfaction with quick (voluntary) surveys on all Helpdesk calls as well as a more thorough Client Satisfaction survey every year. The image below shows our Satisfaction rating for this year:

What Benefits Do I Get From Having an MSP?

No business wants to feel like they are failing to get any value from outsourcing their IT; so, we have shared some of the most common benefits our customers enjoy when they engage with our service:

  • Increased time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • A support desk that can troubleshoot and resolve IT issues with minimal fuss.
  • Expert advice when migrating systems or considering new software purchases.
  • Bespoke IT planning that links to your business plans and targets.
  • Infrastructure hosting in secure locations so that you can be confident that your services will not fail or be breached.
  • No in-house costs, reducing your spending for a better service.
  • An agreed monthly fee that does not change unless your package changes.
  • A highly skilled team that is on hand whenever you need them.
  • No contacted term so that you can change your provision whenever it suits you.


Where Can I Find Out More About Synium’s MSP Packages?

If you want to have an initial discussion about the MSP services that we offer here at Synium, then we would love to talk to you. You can contact us on 0121 663 0203 or fill in the form below, and one of our friendly team will be in touch. We cannot wait to hear from you !



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