Why do I need two monitors on my computer ?

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Why do I need two monitors on my computer ?

Adding a second screen is a really simple and cheap way to significantly increase your productivity.

It’s very rare these days that we work with just one application open – yet we often lack the ability to view more than one application at the same time, Dual Monitors are a real boost to productivity. Having dual screens to display content means less moving windows around to access the information you need.

Have you ever had to work on two spreadsheets at the same time? It can be frustrating and time consuming flicking between each one. Dual Screens allows you to:

  • Easily compare documents and spreadsheets side by side.
  • Cutting and pasting between documents is much faster and easier
  • Keep connected via email or social media whilst carrying out other tasks on your main
  • Picture and Video editing – Have all the tools on one screen and the image full screen on the other
  • Multiple Sage windows open at the same time

According to a recent study, multiple screens resulted in 33 percent fewer errors and 16 percent faster time to edit materials. Most modern business PC’s already have the ability to use dual screens so the cost of implementing such a solution is relatively cheap. Often for around £100 you can purchase an additional monitor and adapter. This is money well spent for such a boost in productivity.

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